We all have expectations. What happens when we don’t meet our expectations? Why are we disappointed, when we don’t get what we expected? Why we feel hurt when others don’t reach our expectations? Is there any point in expecting something?

Emotional vs. Emotionless.

Are we indeed able to turn off our emotions? Or are those only suppressed feelings we are unable to deal with? Is it really possible to be numb? Or do we train our brains to build walls just so we don’t get hurt?

Spring and Barcelona

The winter has ended, everything began to blossom, birds are singing, weather is getting warmer day by day, the taste of Sangría is getting harder to resist, and suddenly you’re on a plane to Barcelona.


Something gives me brain freeze. You know that feeling, when you eat ice cream on a hot day so fast it gets you a headache, and your brain stops working for a while? Or this state where your brain shuts down and leaves you blank? Brain freeze.

“I Love You.”

When it comes to this three words, there can be a lot of pressure behind. When do we say it? What do we mean by that? Who says it first? Is there a right moment to say it? Does the timing play any role in it? What if we don’t get an “I love you” back?…

What is happiness?

We aim to search for happiness. Our primary goal is to be happy. We, the human beings, want to be satisfied. But what is happiness, actually? How do we find it? What makes us happy?


To be a woman in this days can be actually indeed challenging. She is independent, strong, ambitious, successful, family oriented, inventive, and I could go on and on. The modern woman has to know how to handle everything by herself. She needs to be a successful businesswoman, good mom, capable householder. She is a mixture of…


Let’s talk about intercourse. Do you have sex? Probably yes. Some have it regularly, some have it occasionally, and some have it rarely. Do you talk about it? Do you talk about it at least with your sexual partner or your best friend? You should.