TIP: Energy Cleansing Trip to Gorenjska

The lifestyle nowadays is quite stressful. That’s why it’s good to take care not only of our bodies and so on, but also to clean ourselves from bad energies that we absorb daily. One of the options is going places that are natural sources of healing energies.

On a sunny morning, I drove to the northern part of Slovenia, to Gorenjska Region to explore such places, of course in a good company. Continue reading “TIP: Energy Cleansing Trip to Gorenjska”

Love. Peace. Happiness. <3

It feels funny. It’s my first blog post. I don’t even know where to start. Let me introduce myself first. It’s like being on a first date. And I don’t even like first dates. They are too painful and stressful. The pressure is pretty much the same right now. Except I’m not introducing myself to only one person and this person’s eyes are not staring directly at me. 🙂 Anyhow, the questions that are crossing my mind are just the same. – “What do you think about me? Am I interesting enough? Do you like me? Would we connect? Would there be a second date? Will we have fun together?” – If I’m honest, it’s extremely scary. I’m freaking out on the inside, especially because I won’t see the reaction right away. So I have to be brave. And at the same time, I’m saying to myself: “F**k it! I started this, so now I have to deal with it.” Continue reading “Love. Peace. Happiness. <3”

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