What is happiness?

We aim to search for happiness. Our primary goal is to be happy. We, the human beings, want to be satisfied. But what is happiness, actually? How do we find it? What makes us happy?


To be a woman in this days can be actually indeed challenging. She is independent, strong, ambitious, successful, family oriented, inventive, and I could go on and on. The modern woman has to know how to handle everything by herself. She needs to be a successful businesswoman, good mom, capable householder. She is a mixture of…


Let’s talk about intercourse. Do you have sex? Probably yes. Some have it regularly, some have it occasionally, and some have it rarely. Do you talk about it? Do you talk about it at least with your sexual partner or your best friend? You should.

/guest post/ Be like Urška.

Once again it’s time to share some amazing work, written by my one and only #callmepetra. If you recall, she is the author of one previous post A letter to my ex. This time, she dedicated her writing to our dearest friend. I guess, we all have that one annoying but the sweetest friend, who we love…

TIP: Winter in Tel Aviv

During winter time Israel can be rainy, windy, and bit colder, but also sunny and warm. How warm or cold it would be for you, it depends on what part of the world you are coming from. If you come from a snowy place, it can be quite warm for you.

Does love really hurt?

We all know the fairytales with a happy ending. We used to believe in them. All the stories that have been told to us seemed possible. Happy ever after with a perfect partner was waiting for us just around the corner. And then we grew up.

Be careful what you wish for.

“Be careful what you wish for. There’s always a catch.” [Laurie Halse Anderson] Wishes do come true, that’s why you should be careful what you wish for.

The magic of letting go.

How many times do we hear this two magical words – let go? What does this even mean? How can we actually let go? How can we leave our past behind and travel light into the future? Is it really easier said than done?

F**k it. Let’s get real.

How do we know what makes us happy? How do we know someone is right for us? How do we know what moment is right for doing something? Do we just simply decide for everything and our lives are based on decisions we make or is there something more?

TIP: Go to Bali

Are you coming from a cold place and you want to go somewhere warm? Pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and converse and go on a plane to the Island of Gods. With its diverse landscape, colorful ceremonies, friendly people, and exciting nightlife, Bali sure grows on you.

Just a little bit.

“My sun sets to rise again.” [Elizabeth Barrett Browning] See you soon…