Afternoon in Ljubljana

“Let’s do something different today.” – Here’s an idea how to spend a fantastic afternoon in Ljubljana city center.

My mom, my sister and me decided to give ourselves a treat. This is what we did:


Well, you can’t start wandering around with an empty stomach, that’s a fact. That’s why our afternoon began with a Middle Eastern lunch – delicious falafel plate in the best falafel restaurant in Ljubljana. Gorgeous, cozy oriental decorated restaurant on Trubarjeva Street, close to Dragon Bridge, gives pleasure to your mouth as it does to your eyes.





It is summer – why don’t we get our hands painted with henna. We went to the only henna artist in Ljubljana who has a business of this kind. And surely her store is located close to falafel restaurant. We had to make a reservation a day before, because of the rush of customers wanting to get painted. The store is owned by nice young Russian lady, who started henna art business in Ljubljana and is also selling some handmade products. Getting to know her, you’ll see that she truly is an artist. You simply have to love her and her store.





Waiting for our artwork to dry, we took a walk down the lively Trubarjeva Street, exploring colorful boutiques, chasing for some unique products. Believe me, you can find a lot of interesting stuff. This street really has its own special charm. I walked it more than thousand times and am still in love with it. Oh, and if you are already there, you have to try handmade ice cream rolls! Best thing ever.


As a day was slowly turning into night, we blend in the crowd of people, mostly tourists, admiring happening along the Ljubljanica river. All kinds of street performers create such a magical atmosphere that it really takes your breath away.

In the dusk of the summer evening, we set down in one of the restaurants by the river, where they serve local cousin and tasty Slovenian wine. We closed our day with a glass of red wine and tasteful salad.



With a full stomach and incredible artwork on my hand, I can proudly say that it really was a day well spent.



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