Energy Cleansing Trip to Gorenjska

The lifestyle nowadays is quite stressful. That’s why it’s good to take care not only of our bodies and so on, but also to clean ourselves from bad energies that we absorb daily. One of the options is going places that are natural sources of healing energies.

On a sunny morning, I drove to the northern part of Slovenia, to Gorenjska Region to explore such places, of course in a good company.


LAKE TRBOJE is getting more and more popular as a place to relax. A lot of people don’t even know that it possess sources of inherent healing powers. Most of the visitors are going there just to clear the head at the bar or to enjoy outdoor activities such as taking a walk, SUP on the lake and so on.


Going down the stairs through the bar, you get a more opened view on the lake. Turning left and going towards the SUP station, you’ll notice signs with instructions and meaning of healing energies there.

There are four Chakra Healing spots. The energy from the first spot is very powerful, and it affects third and fourth Chakra – unconditional love. The energy from the second spot is good for focused intuition and heals blockages in throat, vocal cord and thyroid. This energy stimulates Throat Chakra. The third source of energy encourages sensitivity, helps to establish energy float through chakras from the Heart Chakra up. The last source of energy is good for bones and joints as it influences the Root Chakra and gives you power and strength.

All renewed and balanced I recommend a relaxation at the bar by the lake (if it’s opened, of course) with some refreshing drink and cafe.


Find inner peace in spiritual and cultural center BREZJE. This place is a worldwide known national sanctuary of Slovenia or spiritual health resort as some call it. The Chapel of the Mother of God, that is located inside of the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians, is a very peaceful place, full of mystical energy. Spending some time in there you’ll feel totally relaxed and pumped up with positive energy. In front of the Basilica, there is a stand with candles you can light up. For good wishes or deceased souls light a candle or two, like I do it every time. And just as a note, I don’t go there because of any religious beliefs, but because this place really has something.


Of course, leaving this place with no souvenirs is almost a crime – a couple of bracelets, censer, candies and a candle were bought by my companion and me at the souvenir shop to treat our closest people.


Now, filled with new energies and tired from experiencing them, I could easily sit down at one of the local restaurants for lunch. But as the weather was so sweet and warm and I like to do things differently, I decided to drive to LESCE and to have a picnic close to the sports airport.

Picnic basket full of goodies (or take away lunch, the choice is yours) plus picnic cloth means a great outdoor lunch. On the lawn, nearby the airport, my companion and I made ourselves a nice picnic to relax and chill, while observing light sports aircraft going up and landing.


If you’re interested in gliding or in a panoramic flight, go on and try it, the view is supposed to be breathtaking.

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