Me from A to Z.

Getting to know me a little bit better I’m presenting you the ABC’s of me. As I was making this list, I realized the alphabet is way too short for me to include everything. 🙂

A for Adventures.

My life is full of adventures. Everywhere I go, everything I do, I always end up with some exciting and crazy stories to tell.

B for Books.

As I’m finishing my very first book for children, I value even more all the books ever written and those that are waiting to be written. I’m in love with books. I love holding them in my hands. I love the way they smell. I love the time I’m reading them.


C for Coconut Oil.

Someone once wrote – Coconut oil fixes everything! It’s good not only for skin, hair, cooking, etc.; you can also rub it on your boss, your computer, your relationship, on everything that needs to be fixed. 😀

D for Dreams.

I admit I’m a dreamer. One day I’ll find a magic stick to make my dreams come true, and I’ll ride a unicorn into the sunset.

E for Ekate Pekate

Ekate Pekate Cukate Me, Abe Fabe Domine, Ektum, Pektum, Kufer Štuc, Kvinte, Kvante Fingo Pu. This children’s counting rhyme always gets me into nostalgic kind of mood.

F for Family.

Without my family, I wouldn’t exist, simple as that. And I’m thankful for being born in this family, for being a part of their lives. My family means the world to me.

G for GOT.

I mean, who isn’t a Game of Thrones fan these days. 😀 Loooooooooove it! I can hardly wait for the next episode.

H for Honeybees.

As B was already taken, I needed to find another expression to mention one of the important things in my life – bees. Beekeeping is in our family for generations. So I, as my father’s son 😀 hahaha, am learning about bees and honey producing, to continue our family tradition one day.

I for Ice cream.

OMG, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove ice cream. ❤

J for Jedi.

As I unlearn what I have learned, a Jedi will I be. “May the Force be with you.”

K for Karaoke Night.

It’s kind of sad that I hadn’t had a karaoke night with my friends for quite some time now. But those weren’t usual karaoke nights – plush microphone, youtube videos with lyrics, good company, crazy atmosphere, everyone singing at once. I really miss those nights.

L for Love.

Love everything and love everyone. It’s all about love in this world, in this life. Love and live to the fullest every single day.


M for Music.

Life is full of music. I can hear it everywhere. The whole world is playing its symphony. I can’t imagine living without it, without the beauty of making it. I attended music school as a youngster, sang in chorus and I also had a band with my sister and cousins as we were growing up. Music really plays a significant role in my life.

N for Notebook.

Everywhere I go, I always carry a notebook with me. You never know, when I’ll come up with some words that need to be written down.

O for Overthinking.

I really do overthink. Instead of just letting myself go with the flow, I overanalyze, I put my head into some things too much. With my girls I let myself go and also when it comes to collecting new adventures. But when it comes to falling in love or getting closer to someone or even when it comes to life decisions, then there’s a whole different story. But I’m working on it and getting better day by day.

P for PUL.

PUL for life. 🙂 PUL stands for my girl gang I can’t live without. My partners in crime, my lovers at night, my right hand or my left hand, my voice or lack of common sense, the whole package of everything. They can darken my days, but mostly they lighten my nights. I ❤ PUL

Q for Quotes.

We don’t always need an essay about something. Few words gathered in a quote can have a much more powerful effect and can say everything we need at one moment.

R for Rabbits and Rainbows.

Somehow rabbits always appear in my life. As I was born, my first and my favorite stuffed animal was bunny, which I still have and is still my favorite. I loved watching Bugs Bunny growing up. The Chinese zodiac says I’m born under the sign of rabbit (or cat). My grandpa has bunnies at home, for as long as I can remember. At my parents’ house, we have a house bunny, for three years now.

Just FYI – my favorite color is rainbow. I thought I needed to mention it.

S for Smiling.

I smile a lot. I really do. I can’t help it. 😀


T for Tequila.

It all started with a joke we found on the internet (just so you know, for me personally it sounds much funnier in its original language 😀 ):

Friend 1 (20:47): “What are we drinking today?”
Friend 2 (20:47): “Idk. Vodka makes me sick. Beer makes me sleepy. Schnapps makes me aggressive.”
Friend 1 (20:48): “Tequila then?”
Friend 2 (20:48): “Deal”
3rd Jan
Friend 1 (06:40): “Jevala e tejila” (Fock u tejila)

From then on, tequila doesn’t stand only for yummy tequila, but it also has a very symbolic “I need to get drunk” meaning for me and my PUL girls.

U for Unique.

Unique is my favorite kind of style. Be unique, be yourself! Don’t be a copy, it’s not worth it.

V for Vajayjay.

Vajayjay, vulva, vagina… Doesn’t matter how you call it, it still is the most magnificent part of a female body. I’m proud to be the owner of one.

W for Writing.

I WRITE! ❤ No more words needed.

X for XL Sweaters.

Cozy oversized sweaters are entirely my thing.

Y for Yellow.

Some call me sunshine; one calls me Yellow because I’m supposed to shine. 😀 For more, you’ll need to ask people who know me. 😀

Z for Zany Something.

I’m crazy about zany things, zany actions, zany everything. My sister and I are having this Sundays Sister Fundays when we storm the shops to buy something childish and stupid and then we’re all happy about it. Of course, the whole action needs to be documented. I know, I can be very childish sometimes. 😉


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3 Comments Add yours

  1. George says:

    Do you happen to know the meaning or translation of that children’s counting rhyme? Perhaps roots? Thanks!


    1. TheLifeOfLea says:

      I don’t know if it even has any meaning. It’s a Slovenian folk counting rhyme.


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