Creative block. My chaotic state of mind.

Now and then I’m struggling with my creativity. My head is working non-stop but sometimes not in a way I would need it to. When it comes to writing, my head is burning with ideas and images that tell me a story. But then there are those days when I just can’t get any writing done.

I collect and come up with a lot of exciting topics and titles. But none of them speaks to me. I’m craving for some inspiration. I need fresh ideas. I need to write about something, I need to write for you, my readers, anything interesting. I’m breathing in, and I’m breathing out. I’m trying to focus, but it’s not possible. The thought of having so many good topics in my head and not being able to write about them makes me angry.  I have a creative block! I have a lack of concentration!

What do I usually do when it comes to this? What do I do? Often, I turn my workplace into my happy place, light up some candles, let fresh air into the room, turn on some meditation music that boosts creativity, sit behind my laptop, calm my mind and then I just write. It always works for me. But this time I’m not in the mood for doing this. Today I feel like:

All I can hear in my head is the echo of my voice: “write, write, write, write”. How can I write, if there’s only one word on repeat on my mind. I say to myself: “Stop! Step back.” Then everything stops for a very short moment. The calm before the storm. In the next second my head explodes: “Booooooom!” My head shatters into thousand tiny pieces which fly all over the place in slow motion. It’s like a waltz of diamonds, falling from the sky and dancing their way down to the ground in shine of the moonlight. If you take a closer look, you can notice that this shiny pieces are more than just fragments of what once was my head. Watching it closely you can recognize the tiniest of letters, some connected together in words, some even built sentences. But there are this individual letters that have no connectivity to other letters; flying freely all over the place in all their glory. As they all gather on the floor their shine slowly starts to fade, until I’m left all alone in the darkness.

Fast rewind flashes by and there I stand again, before the moment of explosion. Loud A rumbles in my head and I can’t find the voice to let it out. I’m a prisoner of my own mind.

Photo: Iva Kjaer Photography

For moments like that, I use a different approach. I take my notebook and a pen, and I start to write down everything that comes to my mind. I write all the sentences, questions, thoughts, etc. that cross my mind at that moment. That helps me get everything unnecessary out of my system. After that, I can gather my thoughts, and I can finally start with the real writing.

After all, even the lack of creativity gives me something to write about.

Some smart words for the end: If the creativity doesn’t come to you at that moment, don’t force it, step back for a while. It’ll come eventually. Let your imagination run wild and then master your creativity.


• Stay inspired. •

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