Bonjour Mon Cheri.


Let us write a story together! I’m challenging you to contribute your part to a story called “Bonjour Mon Cheri”. Are you ready? Let your imagination run wild and write a part of it and see how it will turn out. 😉

• Stay inspired. •

All you have to do is to put text in the box below and continue the story.

Sam was walking down the streets of Paris on a warm autumn day, enjoying every single step. She was admiring the boutiques, galleries, magnificent architecture and elegance of people passing by. For the first time in her life, she experienced the feeling of belonging, far away from her home country.
She stopped at a gallery window as her breath was taken away from this exceptional artwork. All the beauty of a female body, captured in a painting. All of the sudden, a gentle woman’s voice whispered in her ear: “Bonjour mademoiselle. Do you like what you see?”

You are next…


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