TOP 10 questions that make you think

Life gives us a lot of questions. Do we know all the answers? Let’s sit down and think for the moment.


Who are you?

If every person is unique, and you can be only you, who are you? Do you know yourself? Do you truly know who you are? Why are you, you? How come that you see yourself differently from the way others see us?


What is reality?

Is my reality the same as your reality? What is actually real? If we already perceive thing differently as they truly are, is everything just a perception of our imagination?


Is it better to do things right or to do the right thing?

To do things right or to do the right thing are not always the same thing. So what do you prefer, to do the right thing or to do things right? Are you more satisfied if you do it the right way or to do what’s right?


If not now, when?

I guess a lot of us are waiting for the right time to do something. But when is the right time? Will the right time even come? If now is not the right time to do something, then when?



If you would be immortal, what would you do?

Every life has an end, but imagine, if you could live forever, what would you do? Wouldn’t you be bored? Can you even imagine forever?


Are all your decisions really yours?

Do all our decisions come from our own head, or are we letting others make them for us? Do we really decide for ourselves?


What makes you happy?

What makes you really happy? Why things that make you happy, don’t make all the people happy? How can you tell that something makes you happy?


Being alive or truly living?

We all are alive. What is more important, to keep yourself alive, or to truly live? Can we do both at the same time?


What is the truth?

What is actually the real truth? Do we know the truth or is it something we tell ourselves to be true? Is what we think is the truth, really true?


What happens when we die?

Is there an afterlife? If yes, how long does it lest? Where do we go? What happens to us? Can we be sure we would like it there?

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