Stop Searching. Start Living.

In life, we’re all searching. We are all searching for something. And what happens if we find what we are looking for? We start searching for something better. The echo of only one sentence throws a shadow over our eyes: “There must be more to life than this.”

“What you want want’s you
what you’re chasing is cheasing you.
Stop searching and be still
…and what you’re looking for
will find you.”
[Derek Rydall]

We want to have meaning behind everything, we’re searching for the purpose of life, for perfect relationships and friendships. We are searching for a reason why something happened or why something didn’t happen. What do we have from that? More and more questions. The funny thing is, if we have questions, we start looking for answers. And if we finally get some answers, we start searching for meaning behind it all.

We don’t settle for something, just because we want to wait if something better comes along. All of the sudden, we are not feeling that proud of what we achieved so far – we want more. We want better jobs, better houses, better cars, better relationships, better results, better life.

“Stop searching and start revealing the treasures that reside inside of your heart.”
[Debasish Mridha]

The modern days give us a lot of opportunities, many options. The whole life nowadays is based on the search for something better.

We people really are curious. Do we ever stop searching? What happens if we do?


We’ve all heard the story of Sir Isaac Newton and the apple. How he was sitting beneath the tree and all of the sudden an apple fell down and hit his head. In a blink of a second, he finally understood the gravity. Why I’m mentioning that? He wasn’t searching, it literally hit him. 🙂

I’m not saying you have to completely stop searching. Search less and let the things come to you. Listen to your heart.

“Stop searching, start living!”

Be happy with what you have in order to get what you deserve. Be satisfied. Live. Stop searching, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.


• Stay inspired. •

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