Let’s be honest.

I stumbled upon a small box of questions for a game TRUTH of DARE. 🙂 I choose more than a half question cards and am now gonna answer them for you. 😉

  • What is your favorite childhood memory?

Hmmm, let me think. One time, when my cousin and I were on holidays at her grandparent’s, we decided to write postcards to Santa. I guess, we wrote more than a dozen of postcards with wishes for Santa and brought them to the post office. We really believed that at least one postcard would reach Santa. There is another funny thing in this story – it was in the middle of summer. 😉

  • Have you ever violated the law?

I mean, who didn’t? 😀

  • How do others see you?

You have to ask them, 😛 people, usually like to hang out with me…

  • Did you ever climb the tree?

But of course. I grew up in the countryside, surrounded by forest.

  • What was your wildest dream about?

Huh, I guess, it has to be one of my wet dreams. 😛

  • What would you do, if you were invisible?

A lot of things. I would drive a car and make people wondering how the heck is it possible for a car to drive alone. 😀

  • Have you ever peed in the pool?

Sure. It was more than one time.

  • What were your most unusual dreams that you ever had?

I was dancing Latino dances with skis on my feet.

  • What was the worst gift you ever got?

Every gift is special to me. 😉 There were no disasters gifts in my life.

  • What was the stupidest thing you ever did in public?

I always do something stupid. 😀 Stupid is my normal. Maybe running around with my skirt up, without knowing it.

  • What are you ashamed of?

Nothing really, I somehow managed to accept me as I am and all my past actions.

  • What was the most inappropriate moment in your life?

My ex’s parents walking on us while having sex.

  • What do you want to happen to you in the future?  

To be able to madly happily fall in love and to have a life I’m dreaming about.

  • Where in the world would you wish to be the most and why?

In my bad. 😀

  • What animal would you like to be?

Bunny. They are sooooo fluffy and sweet.

  • What do you want to try and you never did?

To jump out of a plane with the parachute.

  • What do you eat, when you are sad?

A looooot of ice cream! ❤

  • Which song makes you happy and why?

Somewheeeeeere over the rainbow. ❤

  • When were you last proud of yourself and why?

This year. I’ve started my blog finally.

  • In which country would you like to live?

Indonesia – Bali.

  • What did you think about, today when you woke up?

I think you don’t want to know. 😛 It was nasty.

  • If you could be born again – who would you like to be?


  • What is your special talent?

To act crazy, stupid and be happy.


  • What animal scares you the most?

Snakes. 😦

  • If there would be a movie about your life – who would play you?

Blake Lively. Some say we look alike. 😉

  • What you have never told anyone?

Hm, I’m really chatty. I tell everything.

  • Which friend would you take with you to the lonely island?

My PUL gang. ❤

  • How old were you, when you first kissed?

12 I guess.

  • What was your stupidest pick-up line?

”I want to try you. Are you in?”

  • What would you like to invent?

Teleport. 😉

  • What was the best thing you ever ate?

Ice cream. ❤


• Stay inspired. •


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