/story/ Mambu & Ferdi (Part I)

There was a time in my life when I decided to write a book for children. I started writing and writing. The story was finally finished – but not for me. I had to rewrite it over and over again and am still not satisfied with it. Probably, I never will be. But I think it’s time, I give it to the world… At least part of it 😉



Mambu & Ferdi


This is a story about a little boy named Mambu. Mambu lives on a colorful island in the middle of the ocean. All he knows is his safe homey place, the golden sandy beach, with perfect green grass and bushes on the shore. On the other side, there is a shallow, crystal clear blue sea, sparkling in the sun, with wild, mysterious waves in the background. It’s heaven on earth, the untouched nature. Mambu’s friends are birds that bring news from all over the world and sing beautiful songs. Every now and then Mambu gets a visit from a mischievous monkey, who makes his day more interesting with all the silly pranks. Everything happens under the watchful eye of an old, crawling, flaky gecko. Gecko is a type of lizard who blendes with the environment perfectly and takes care of the small boy, fully unnoticeable. In the evenings, Mambu sits down in the warm sand and dips his feet into the warm sea. Day after day, fishes gather around him and tell him stories of the mighty ocean. Nevertheless, he is missing something. At times he feels so alone because the animals come and go, but he stays there all the time. Mambu wishes for a true friend, someone who would stay by his side, even when no one else is around. When it gets darker, he stares at the sky, full of beautiful golden stars. Every night, when he notices a shooting star, he repeats the same wish – to have a real friend. Days and years are passing by. Over the time, he forgets about the stars, forgets about his only greatest wish.

One day, while he was cheerfully running between the palm trees and playing with coconuts, he heard a dull sound from the distance. He followed the sad notes that were swinging in a gentle breeze. Suddenly, a small black and white ball appears in front of him. It was leaning against the trunk of the mightiest palm tree. Mambu decides to take a step closer. The sound is becoming clearer. It was a cry of a little creature. He has never seen something like that before. It was a cute little living thing. With its sad look, full of tears, the black and white ball looks at Mambu.

Mambu encourages and says: “Is something wrong? Did something terrible happen?”
Ferdi: “I don’t know where I am. I’m so lonely.”
Mambu: “Can I help you? What are you? My name is Mambu.”
Ferdi: “I’m a penguin. My name is Ferdi. The evil hunters captured my parents and I remained alone. I was sad. I started walking. I was walking; swimming, running, crying, and finally, I couldn’t do it anymore. I stopped here.”

Mambu: “Would you like to be my friend? I don’t have anybody either.”
Ferdi: “Yes, of course!”

It was the beginning of a good and long friendship between Mambu and Ferdi.

With the greatest enthusiasm, Mambu reveals his homeland to his new friend. He was so happy because he has almost completely forgotten about his wish and all of the sudden, it was finally fulfilled.

The little friends have wonderful days together, between the mighty palm trees, by the sound of singing colorful birds. Every evening they sit at the highest point of the beach and watch the sunset. They observe the sun, how it was leaving a beautiful color trail through the sky.

The penguin gets curious over the time: “What lies behind these trees? Where are all the other people?”
Mambu: “I do not know. I never went further. Here I have everything I need, here I feel safe.”
Ferdi: “You really never wondered what was hidden behind all those trees.”
Mambu, thoughtfully and cautiously: “More trees? Maybe there is nothing behind the trees?”

Ferdi, who had seen a lot of the world, wanted to know what else was hidden on this green island. With its convincing words, he aroused the adventurous spirit in Mambu. Their curiosity gets bigger and bigger. After a long conversation, they finally decide to hit the road, to go discover unknown areas.

They look at each other. Their eyes radiate joy. It was time to make a step forward. Nobody is stopping them from leaving. Nothing keeps them back. They are free. And so, finally, they were on the way to new adventures. Mambu and Ferdi didn’t know what was waiting for them on the other side, away from the familiar, away from the safe homey place. But they were brave. They didn’t look back. The desire for new discoveries was stronger and more frightening from one second to another. With each step they take, they are closer to new adventures and further away from the familiar place. This is a brand new world, especially for Mambu.

Ferdi and Mambu look into each other’s eyes: “We can do it!” And they continue their journey.

The journey is long and difficult. The little friends walk day and night. They push their way through the bushes and through terrifying, dark woods, full of observing animals. They almost give up.

Mambu: “Are you still convinced that this was a good idea? I’m tired and we haven’t discovered anything yet. Oh well, except some animals that roam through the woods.”
Ferdi: “Don’t give up; I’m sure we’re on the right way.”
Mambu: “How sure are you? I can’t do it anymore. I’m scared.”
Ferdi with his last strength: “Trust me.”


And there, somewhere in the distance, through a dense jungle, they ray of light was pushing through. Full of hope, they follow the light. The two adventurers carefully move aside the last branches. Under the hill, on which they suddenly were standing, they notice a small village. The sound of human laughter winds all the way to them.

Ferdi: “What did I tell you? You just have to trust.”
Mambu: “Was that here all this time!?”

They go down the hill into a village full of people and tiny houses. Slowly and curiously, Mambu and Ferdi approached the lively village. With eyes wide open, they stand still. They have never experienced so much joy at once. Children, adults, and animals rejoiced together.

After a while, village people notice the young fellows at last. They kindly invite these two friends to join them. They welcome them into their circle. […]



In loving memory.


• Stay inspired. •


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