The magic of letting go.

How many times do we hear this two magical words – let go? What does this even mean? How can we actually let go? How can we leave our past behind and travel light into the future? Is it really easier said than done?

Let go. Let go of everything that holds you back. Everything that makes you lose track. Spread your wings and fly.

Everything begins in our head. Every pain, every fear, every doubt is a creation of our own twisted mind. Some of us overthink, and it brings us to the point where it can be indeed hard to let go. Sometimes the burden of the past gets so heavy it drives us crazy. We stick to our past because it’s more familiar and it’s like a safety bubble we can’t get out of. We fear the future. We fear to let go of what we know. The courage of making a step forward and leaving past in the past is much needed in this situations. Let it be the mistakes we’ve done, shameful situations we’ve been put in, fights we’ve fought, relationships we’ve been through, future plans that didn’t happen and so on, these events left a mark on us. It can be quite depressive.

But how to let go?

Letting go is in fact not that easy, it takes a lot of work and energy. I and I guess many of you, have tried from this to that to make peace with the past. But did it really work? What’s the secret recipe? Of course getting everything out of the system helps. With talking about it, writing about it, crying it out, we sure feel better, but our mind is on the old path as quick as we have some alone time with our own head.

First, I have to mention the never-ending story of self-love again. Blah, blah blah… love yourself! 😉 Love works miracles.

“Loving myself means letting go!”

There’s the thing with the law of attraction. What we think we attract. We need to focus on positive things. I know it can be difficult, but we need to try. The more we think about how hurt we are, more pain and negativity we attract. We get lost in a circle. That is why we without the doubt need to stick to positivity.

We should stop feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s never as painful as we imagine it to be. Subconsciously we feel comfortable in our self-pity because we get more priorities living like this. One of those priorities is the kind of attention we get from other people. Another thing is that we use this state as an excuse for everything. It’s a seduction to our state of being. When in the moment of pain, we should ask ourselves this questions: “Do I feel okay by holding on to the past? Is it good to feel pain? Do hurting and feeling sorry for myself make me happy?” Of course not, everybody likes to be happy and joyful. So why don’t we try just to laugh about it? Let’s laugh at ourselves for feeling self-pity.

One technique I stumbled upon some time ago, and it literally made me smile, is the one Russ Harris writes about in his book The Happiness Trap – the technique of voice change. Every time the thoughts in our head get serious and troubling, we should change the color of the voice in our head. We should swipe the sound in the head with some silly voice form, for example, a cartoon. This is supposed to take away the power of such thoughts, and it’s also pretty funny. 🙂


“Why let go of yesterday? Because yesterday has already let go of you.”
[Dr. Steve Maraboli]

And here are those happy people who don’t overthink, the ones who leave the past in the past and take past actions as a ticket to the future. One can really envy this kind of human beings.


• Stay inspired. •


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