/guest post/ Be like Urška.

Once again it’s time to share some amazing work, written by my one and only #callmepetra. If you recall, she is the author of one previous post A letter to my ex. This time, she dedicated her writing to our dearest friend. I guess, we all have that one annoying but the sweetest friend, who we love from the bottom of our heart.


»Be like Urška«

Lea and I have a special saying: be like Urška. We use it every time life gives us lemons. There is a lot of positive power in that saying. However, you must be thinking, WTF is Urška? Well, let me tell you a little something about Urška.

Urška is a very special friend of ours. Urška and I first met in high school, where we were classmates. Back then, I never really liked her. She was annoying (well, that she still is 😊) and she always drove me crazy. I thought about myself as being top of the top and that my friends and I were better and more popular than she was. At the same time, she thought the same about herself and her friends. Nevertheless, after few years of high school, we grew apart. And life, as beautiful as it is, brought us back together in that magical year of 2014 (or 13 or 15, it doesn’t even matter anymore). Well, life, or a bottle of wine we drank that night, made us talking about all stupidity that happened in our lost years. A few months later, Urška met Lea, and at the same moment, love blossomed. We started hanging out, like 3 Musketeers, 3 leaf clover. From the beginning, she was little shy and detained, but the adventures she has experienced with us, made her simple, playful and relaxed, even without our bellowed red wine. As we hang out together, we shared our differences, we had a few misunderstandings, but we always had fun together.

Our Urška has one mind-blowing character habit, as well as many others. But this one is the important one, because we both, Lea and I, don’t have it. Well, we are on a right way to adopt it and start thinking in the same way. I’m talking about Urška’s constant optimism. She really is seeing the world through pink glasses. Everything is beautiful, and everything is good all the time. She is a phenomenon. She honestly sees the beauty and the good in all situations, all people, and all things. However, from time to time, her optimism can be hard to handle. Annoying. As most of us see the glass half empty or we see water in a glass, she always sees a glass half full. Imagine, how it is, when your world is crashing down, everything is falling apart (or so it seems in that crazy moment), and there’s one small, happy elf, one of your BFFs, telling you how beautiful life is and that everything is going to be okay. Someone telling you, how much good is in your life and that you should focus on the good and be thankful for everything, especially for her. 😊 Her intention really isn’t bad, she just wants to bring joy into my life. And she would if I would let her, but I usually don’t.

Some people, including me, have a hard time focusing on good things we have in life, especially when something bad happens. For instance, good friends, supportive parents, just enough of material things, a roof over the head, work or ability to work, and much more, are things we should be thankful for. Be like Urška mindset is something that can get us back on our feet when we feel down. It isn’t easy to pick yourself up, but me, when I think about her, I always say to myself, if she can do it, I can. And so, I start thinking about the beauty and the good in everything. And about how life really is beautiful. Step by step, of course. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You know what the best part of it is? This isn’t just something I read in books and wanted to try, hoping it will work.  It’s a way of life that I saw and experienced, and I can honestly say it works. For all I’ve seen, I know I want to be that way. You wouldn’t believe it, but she actually fell in love with a guy, who has everything she ever wanted, she fell in love with “the one.” Why? Because of the be like Urška mindsets. She knew what she wanted, even more, she always knew she deserves it. Even though she didn’t get it the first moment, she never stopped believing. Eventually, she got it, even though I laughed at her. Now imagine, that just because of your gratefulness and your optimism, you could get everything you ever wanted. Sounds tempting, a?


I think we all know, how it is to feel sorry for yourself. In the past four years, it happened to me a lot. I’ll never forget how we one evening, probably for the first time, figured out what be like Urška means. We were hanging out at my place, drinking wine. I was telling Lea how everything in my life is broken and falling apart, and I don’t know how to go on. Lea, like always, suffered with me, as a true friend, handling my pain, with another glass of wine. Meanwhile, Urška was standing next to us, listening to our stupid conversation, understanding nothing at all. She was like: “What are you two crazy persons saying?” She literally said to us: “Look at that tree on the other side of the road, isn’t it beautiful? I love it. Aren’t you thankful for that tree? I just love it and can’t stop adore it.” Lea and I looked at each other, started laughing, and telling her how stupid she is, and that it’s just a leafless sad tree. Furthermore, she looked at us and said: “Look at this glass I’m holding. I’m very thankful that I can drink water out of actual glass. And you should be too.” Again, we were like: “Ooooh, you stupid Urška.” At first, I was sure, she was fooling her own mind so that she would look happier on the outside, and that her words are just bullshit. Yet something inside me believed her and was jealous of her. I was wondering, how can she do it. As I was spending more and more time with her, I realized, that this is who she is. And even though she can be annoying, she has a point. More and more, Lea and I started learning from her. The saying be like Urška is becoming bigger and bigger part of us. Slowly, but I’m heading in the right direction.

For conclusion, I would like to say, remember the saying be like Urška and maybe one day, we will all be grateful for the smallest things in our lives. Even though I and Urška have a lot of misunderstandings, I’m thankful for having her in my life. She showed me that life, in fact, is beautiful and that I should be focused on the good. She also introduced me with my Mr. Right. 🙂 Furthermore, she always accepts me just the way I am, always trying to tell me how beautiful my life is and how thankful I should be for it.

*We love you Urška*



• Stay inspired. •


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