To be a woman in this days can be actually indeed challenging. She is independent, strong, ambitious, successful, family oriented, inventive, and I could go on and on. The modern woman has to know how to handle everything by herself. She needs to be a successful businesswoman, good mom, capable householder. She is a mixture of a woman and a man.

All you beautiful and amazing women out there, this is for you

Through all of the history, we had to fight for our lives to have a meaning, for our acknowledge in the world, for our words to be heard. Today, the fight is still not over. Some of us are lucky enough to live in a place of peace, where we can live freely, and we mean something, although there are still some differences in how society treats us in comparison to the man. Through all the moves our mothers, grandmothers, and their mothers had to make in the past, we became stronger and more independent. Sometimes we forget how to be a woman. A modern woman tries to act like a man, to be appreciated. Let us stop right here, right at this point. Let us remember, for what women fought. They fought for equity, for their place in the society. They stood up for themselves and for generations to come. First, stop fighting like a man. We, women, are not hunters, we are this amazing, beautiful, sensitive human beings. We are survivors! We are warriors! Let us act through our softness and gracefulness. It is essential that we are satisfied with ourselves. Be proud to be a woman! Let us show the world what the power of a woman can do! There is no doubt in the fact that every woman was born with the capacity to be strong.

Photo: Iva Kjaer Photography

“Be a sister—reach out to other women, ask for help when you need it. Women are very inclined to isolate ourselves and to feel like we have to solve our own problems alone, but we don’t. Have the courage to put the issues out on the table if we see an injustice, if we see something that needs to be fixed. Have the courage to put it out there, because almost always, there will be other people who have that point of view, too, but they haven’t had the courage to talk about it…. There’s great joy in joining together with other people to make something big happen. Huge joy. Even to make something small happen, but it’s the joining together that gives you the joy.”
[Gloria Feldt]

Being a woman means more than just a pair of boobs and a uterus. We are not entertainment program for the man. Women are magical pieces of nature that deserve a lot of respect, never the less, women are able to give life to another human being. We have the power to turn a house into a home. We have to deal every month with our hormones getting wild, with bleeding and everything that comes along. We can do more things at the same time. And despite all that, we share the love big time!

she has a mindset
of a Queen
and the heart
of a warrior

she is everything
all at once
and too much
for anyone who
doesn’t deserve her

she is you

[r.h. Sin]

Whether a lady, a girly girl, or a tomboy, whether you like girls, boys, or both genders, whether you follow fashion or have your own style, no matter how you live, and what you do, you are a WOMAN. Never apologize for being a WOMAN. Be proud to be a WOMAN! Allow yourself to celebrate life as a WOMAN! Take time for yourself and enjoy being a WOMAN! GIRL POWER!

Happy international women’s day to all my ladies around the world! ❤


• Stay inspired. •


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