What is happiness?

We aim to search for happiness. Our primary goal is to be happy. We, the human beings, want to be satisfied. But what is happiness, actually? How do we find it? What makes us happy?

How do we actually get to this magnificent feeling of being happy? Why being happy is more than just a day spent on our own terms? Why does being filthy rich and being able to afford everything you wish for still not mean being happy? Happiness is something we can’t really describe, something we also can’t define. My idea of happiness can be a lot different from yours.

What is happiness? What makes us happy?

What we are hoping for when we say the all so popular sentence: “I just want to be happy”? Have you ever asked yourself what does this really mean? What is happiness? As mentioned before, everyone has its own definition of what it means. Some people get this feeling by buying new things, some get it by spending time with their family and friends, others believe happiness is their career or a party they go to, again we have some people who experience joy through food, passion, dance, solitude, talk, reading… No matter how, the important thing is, to get this feeling of satisfaction.

Hmmm… Do we yet have an answer on this easy but kind of hard question that has no real answer? What would you say makes us happy? Children’s laugh, warm blanket, soft wind in the hair, a gentle raindrop on the face, super cute puppies with their big eyes, sending postcards from another part of the world, soft kiss from the one you adore, colorful rainbow, friendly smile when you feel down, never-ending hug from a best friend, encouraging words from a stranger, riding waves, painting, acting childish, watering flowers, smelling delicious food, getting a text massage from you crush, laying in bed all day, family dinner, getting lost in the middle of paradise, quitting tiring job, saying I love you, listening to music you like, traveling the world, collecting coins, being with someone special, sharing slice of cake with your mom, living life, and I can go on and on about it. In other words, happiness is when your emotional needs are fulfilled, and you find yourself in a moment when you are satisfied with yourself. And the funny thing is that there are these small things, which make our life beautiful, and they are free. Most of the time, we entirely forget to be thankful for them and to appreciate these moments.


For we are a sophisticated kind of beings, we don’t get a simple answer to questions that seem easy on the first sight. Our needs are in constant change. They depend on the mood we are currently in, on the weather outside, on situations we’re in. Every single one of us needs to find its own definition of happiness. We are the masters of our own mind. We possess the ability to control how satisfied we feel. It’s one of the things that makes us unique. However, it also puts us in a position of how happy do we allow ourselves to be. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. If you like to admit it or not, we alone choose to be happy or not. Happiness is something that comes within. There’s no secret recipe. Just say fuck it, live life to the fullest, and spend time doing what you love to do.


So I dare you to choose to be happy.


• Stay inspired. •


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