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Yet another post form my beloved #callmepetra. 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did.


How to handle LOVE

… And then, just like that, in the middle of a conversation, he gave me a look. You know, THE look, that gave me shivers, my knees were soft, my legs were shaking, the butterflies in my belly arose, and the world became colorful and sweet. At the same time, despite all my effort not to, my face became red as a fresh, spring strawberry. Aaaaw, me and my blushing, why is this happening, whenever I try to act cool. Furthermore, all I could say was a big A-HA, followed by shy, stupid smile, HE-HE. If I remember correctly, a drop of saliva has fallen from a corner of my mouth, like a bulldog waiting for his dinner. There, beside me, he was cool as a cucumber, talking to others, like he didn’t notice my embarrassment. “Dude, you rocked my world,” I was thinking loudly in my head, not at all, listening to a conversation going on around me. Therefore, I finished all with a stupid statement, not having any relations to what he or anyone else was talking…
Probably my honey bunn could add a few even more unpleasant comments about me that night. But that’s how it is if you are dating a provocative guy. Of course, provocative in a right, funny way.

How do you know you met the “right one,” the one who changes your life? When in the middle of winter, you start hearing bees and seeing butterflies? What about the feeling, when you try to make an impression on friends and family of your significant other? It isn’t easy, do you agree, with all unpleasant situations that follow. Now try to imagine that you are a control freak and give a lot to what others think about you. However, your loved one is a clown, who makes fun of everything and everybody. Well, welcome to my world.
The first paragraph describes just one of many situations when I feel like I am on some conquest hike. I feel fearless, hot and sexy, but when I try to react to an unpredictable scene, like a healthy, average person, just in a blink of an eye, I become little and confused alien, who has no clue about what she wants to say or do. “ET go home” something like that. And I can assure you, that my loved one probably has extraordinary powers, to put me in even more situations of that kind, in which I lose myself.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it happens a lot, that my honey bunn is at most sexy and desirable to me, when we are visiting my or his parents (a psychologist would probably say that there is something wrong with me). O, what I would do to him, thank god that nobody can read my mind. And because I am, sometimes, also little provocative, I whispered in his ear: “darling, I am not wearing any panties today.” And he, to the full voice in front of everyone, replied: “But you cannot walk around without your panties, you could catch a cold!” Aaaaaawww, mamma mia, how could he do that to me. My head goes down, and at that moment, I wish I could be an ostrich so that I could dig my head into the ground. Of course, my face became red again, and I was like “whaaaaat?” Didn’t have anything to say back. Error in my head. Meanwhile, the others are just laughing at his statement and my embarrassment. And then I said to myself, just breathe in and out, and drink what’s left of this glass of wine. All good, for a few minutes.
*just a warning. In general, you want to avoid all the conversations with parents, regarding sex. It doesn’t matter who you are with; you do not talk to your parents or your parents in law about “50 shades of Gray” and everything that Christian did to Ana.

Ok, I am a little bit off the road. I have another example. Well, I have a bunch of those. But I’ll keep it short.
You know how every person has its own physical needs, some of them a little bit uncomfortable. We all know that most of the women don’t fart and snore. Well, at least we try to do that in comfort of our own home. I don’t even know why we are so ashamed of that stuff, all I know is, that we sometimes hold it back from our partners for weeks, months or even years. But the first time, when I relaxed and farted in front of my partner, it was like I opened a Pandora’s box. When I snored through the night, because of exhaustion, the next morning it was like I sawed the half of Šmarna Gora’s forest. And what is better, than to share all that with his friends, of course in my presence. OMG not again, you can imagine what kind of color my face was. I wanted to stick a fork in the middle of his forehead.


What I wanted to say, me and my honey bun, we have a bunch of similar stories to tell. Every time we go shopping, there is always something exciting, unpleasant going on, so that seller laughs to or with us. Nevertheless, it’s still fun with him, as with no one else. In a way, he is my teacher, and all embarrassed situation are my lessons. He helps me relax, and when I stop worrying about what others might think, I start to enjoy. It doesn’t matter if I blush, I know he is even more turned on about it, it doesn’t matter If I say something stupid, at the end of the day, I know we love each other, and we are a team, and I will never be alone.

So, the answer to my title. Stop controlling your life. You don’t need it. And, the best way to handle love is not to handle it at all. Just be. Love ❤

PS: If you asked men, blush on a woman’s face, is the prettiest make up 😊



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