Something gives me brain freeze. You know that feeling, when you eat ice cream on a hot day so fast it gets you a headache, and your brain stops working for a while? Or this state where your brain shuts down and leaves you blank? Brain freeze.

And here I am again, with no words in my head. Emptiness is driving me insane. Actually, it’s not emptiness, it’s a mind filled with emotions that force me into a state, being unable to think. I try hard to set my brain in working mode, but no success. It’s not a creative block. It’s something different. It’s something that makes me forget about everything else, something that sets me into a whole new dimension. This entirely new situation makes me act like an idiot. At some moments I can’t even recognize myself. Is this me? What happened? ERROR. ERROR. ERROR. I have a brain freeze. System failure.

This new state of being is making me crazy. It’s so much fun. Totally out of this world. I can’t resist it. I can’t control it. It’s pushing me in entirely new direction. The world is beautiful. There are rainbows and flowers everywhere. I’m wearing my pink glasses. I’m making no sense. I’m making no sense at all.

It’s YOU, who is responsible for all of this. YOU are giving me the brain freeze. I love it and thank you. It’s not normal. It’s extraordinary. It’s YOU. Damnit! Damn YOU!

Holding hands

Me and you, as you and me,
as we are supposed to be,
as they want us to be…
Be normal!

drink a glass of wine
to clear your mind…

And then, we are JUST BE!


And all I can think about is this one stupid sentence that I’ve heard somewhere: “You’re so screwed up that you make me make sense.” It all makes sense. YOU make sense. I suddenly realize I’m in love. I’m so madly in love my brain doesn’t follow. I can’t concentrate, I can’t get my mind straight, I can’t think clearly. It’s like having an incredibly long-lasting brain freeze. Yes, I can say for sure, I’m in love.


• Stay inspired. •


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