Emotional vs. Emotionless.

Are we indeed able to turn off our emotions? Or are those only suppressed feelings we are unable to deal with? Is it really possible to be numb? Or do we train our brains to build walls just so we don’t get hurt?

Emotions are part of us.

There’s the thing called balance, the balance between listening to your heart and following your head. When those two things are not in sync, we get too emotional, or we shut down our emotions and appear cold to the world. Drawing the line, it’s all in our heads. Fear makes us use our brains instead of the heart, and naivety and too strong of attachment drive us to the wild state of emotional outburst.


Too much of emotional stress causes us to feel numb, to shut down our emotions and to build a wall to protect ourselves from getting hurt. It’s a kind of defense mechanism. Instead of experiencing some feelings and getting the full experience of life, we crawl into our safety zone and close ourselves from the rest of the world, to make ourselves strong.

Being too afraid of losing something or someone, getting too attached, being in much need of attention, and feeling sorry for ourselves drives us too emotional outbursts. We become overemotional by overthinking, and we start to overthink when we are alone with ourselves in our head.

Both situations have something in common. In both situations, we put ourselves in a safety bubble for different reasons. Fear. The main reason for not stepping outside our comfort zone is fear. But if we want to experience life in its full greatness, we need to be courageous and step out of the box. We have feelings for a reason. Sometimes we get hurt, sometimes we feel out of this world, it’s all a part of the life we’re living.

So what do you think it’s worse being overemotional or being emotionless?


• Stay inspired. •


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